The Iraq Conference for Trade and Investment (ICTI) 2017 highlighted that Iraq is open for business and is potentially a high return market in which to invest and do business.

Commercial opportunities are huge as the country rebuilds its infrastructure and main institutions. The conference facilitated face-to-face discussions with key decision makers, Iraqi ministers and delegations ready to share their vision and the opportunities that exist in the Iraq market across all the major sectors.

Sizeable contracts have been and continue to be signed with UK businesses which are strategically placed to do business in Iraq and this forum will deliver sector sensitive workshops that will signpost to British companies the business and investment opportunities that exist and pinpoint how best to access them.

For instance, Iraq’s hydrocarbon resources are the least explored of any of the major global producers with the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimating that 46% of global oil production could come from Iraq by 2035.

Major opportunities now exist as Iraq upgrades and rebuilds its:

  • - Oil and Gas
  • - Infrastructure
  • - Defence and Security
  • - Healthcare
  • - Education
  • - Financial and Professional Services

A strong UK business presence already exists in the Iraq market with over 200 British companies operating in the country, including BP, Shell, Standard Chartered, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Weir Group, Petrofac, AMEC Foster Wheeler, Pell Frischmann, AstraZenica, Land Rover Jaguar and JCB, to name but a few.

Multibillion pound projects in numerous sectors across Iraq offer enormous opportunities in the years ahead and demand is strong for UK technology, expertise and skills.

The Conference was well attended by over 400 prominent decision makers and had featured the participation of:

  • - Top CEOs, Decision Makers and Industry Professionals from all sectors
  • - Heads of Private Banks/ Sovereign Wealth Fund/ Private Equity Firms/Investors/ Entrepreneurs
  • - Governments/Heads of States, Ministers/ Policy Makers
  • - Exclusive inside view of Iraq’s financial and banking infrastructure and the major opportunities for investment and partnership.
  • - Insight into the ongoing reforms have been carried out since 2014 to boost project lending and kick-start consumer finance.
  • - Opportunities to become directly or indirectly involved in the modernisation and growth of one of the most profitable emerging markets today.
  • - Projects that require immediate financing and mechanisms for developing specific risk allocations to suit circumstances on the ground in Iraq.
  • - Regional experts and C-level executives present their long and short term financing strategies for Iraq.
  • - Iraq's oil industry and renewable energy
  • - British bank guarantee and investment financing
  • - The 2017 investment map in Iraq
  • - Trade and Industry
  • - Transport and railways sector
  • - Health and education
  • - Visas and the protection of international investors.